DealYard knows that working under someone else can be challenging. Every worker and owner does. But being an owner can be the most challenging task of all, because not all of a business’s employees often share the same vision. Because the boss is sometimes the least appreciated person of all, DealYard is proposing that employees share their support for their bosses. A simple word of appreciation or small gift is all it takes.

CEO Rob Heller knows of the struggle that bosses face. “DealYard has come a long way since I first launched the company, and I’ll be the first one to admit that it didn’t always seem like I had the full support of my employees. It was always important to me that I heard and understood the ideas and commentary of my friends and family at DealYard, and it still is. We have an open forum for workers to voice their comments or concerns, and I believe it’s because of that freedom of speech that we’ve come so far so fast.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a real holiday without a sale. DealYard is launching a weekly round of discounts on popular gift items such as watches, phone accessories, and DVDs. In addition, popular brands like Nike, Timex, Delta, and Crockpot will be on sale for the remainder of October. Customers who haven’t signed up for DealYard’s email subscription service will enjoy an additional discount on their first purchase.

It can be a challenge to work with those whose ideas differ from one’s own, but working together and sharing the experience of success makes it all worthwhile. DealYard invites employees everywhere to show their support while in the workplace, especially on Boss’s Day.