DealYard is sponsoring yet another series of events in celebration of Chanukah, and invites its customers and workers to share their beliefs, memories, experiences, and thoughts on the holiday period. Chanukah is about dedication, perseverance, sharing, love, and deep reflection of one’s core values and beliefs. These are also traditions that DealYard holds dear, and although not everyone celebrates Chanukah, the company would like to invite any and all to participate in the festivities to come.

CEO Rob Heller believes that everyone has something to learn from Chanukah. “Early on, in the first days after DealYard was brought to life, I realized that the company could never flourish without the shared dreams and support of everyone involved. We all have different beliefs and different methods of sharing those beliefs, but I believe that everyone has something unique to offer, and the DealYard team is about acknowledging our differences and understanding others. Chanukah is my favorite time to sit down with people so we can all share stories.”

For the Chanukah holiday, DealYard is offering several great deals on winter items such as electric blankets and heated mattress pads. Also, the company is providing personalized coupons and special sales for those who have signed up for email reminders. Daily, weekly, and monthly deals are focused on other winter items such as electronics and DVDs from big names such as Duracell, Life Gear, Garrity, and Van Hauser.

“Chanukah is a special time,” Heller says. “I find myself learning something new each and every year, and I wish the time didn’t go by so quickly. There truly is nothing like it.”

Over this Chanukah holiday, show your appreciation and dedication to those you love the most, and reaffirm your beliefs. These beliefs shape our core values as people, and traditions make us who we are. As part of the holiday, DealYard is reaffirming its own support for those of different faiths, beliefs, and communities.