The biggest shopping weekend of the year, online and off, is nearly here at long last. With it comes the excitement and bustle of the holiday season, not to mention sales that cannot be found at any other time of the year. People are ready to spend the weekend with their families and will find great deals at shopping outlets, and so DealYard is ready to drop prices to their lowest point in years.

Rob Heller, the CEO of the online retailer DealYard, makes no show of hiding his favorite time of the year. “After Thanksgiving, it’s difficult to push the coming holidays far from mind. People are still showing how much they care for one another while searching for the best deals on the greatest products. Black Friday is typically the weekend when most people are out and about, and I will be too. Of course, I’ll be doing some shopping at DealYard as well.”

It was this weekend in 2003 that Heller chose to launch DealYard, and perhaps that’s what makes this time of year even more special. During the opening weekend, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales catapulted the business to success. Now, the company has its products available at other online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, and offers those same products internationally, from Canada to Germany, to New Zealand. Even more expansions are being planned for the coming year.

Many items will be offered at deep discounts during the upcoming weekend, and specific sales will land day by day. Customers should keep an eye on their email boxes in order to be kept apprised of the current status of inventory and sales. Those who have yet to sign up for the subscription service will be provided with a coupon that can be used on the first purchase.

Inventory going on sale includes electric blankets, electronics, kitchenware, massagers, and more. Specific name brands include Delta, Timex, Nike, and Crockpot. DealYard is expecting one of the best weekends in years, and hopes to break sales records that were previously broken only last year.

There isn’t any other day quite like Black Friday. DealYard implores consumers to be safe and act responsibly while shopping. If outlet stores run out of stock, don’t forget to check online at DealYard. Whatever you do, be safe, and enjoy the excitement while it lasts!