Cyber Monday is here. Outlet stores across the country are low on inventory. Black Friday sales are over. Most people are recovering from the hustle and bustle of the holiday weekend, and no one wants to go outside for more shopping. Well, DealYard has it covered. While outlet stores may see inventory fly off the shelves, DealYard owns numerous warehouses that are frequently replenished, and Cyber Monday sale prices are better than ever before.

CEO of DealYard, Rob Heller, is anticipating a good end to a good year. “Thanksgiving was great, and nothing beats a few days of rest and relaxation after the chaos of the Thanksgiving holiday and Black Friday. Of course, I’m not resting or relaxing, because there’s still work to do! My family enjoys a post-Thanksgiving tradition of taking turns ordering gifts from the comfort and convenience of a computer terminal.

“Normally, I’d be spending time with them outside getting some exercise and fresh air, but Christmas is right around the corner, and what the heck–I own an online marketplace. Might as well take advantage of the sales.”

And what a marketplace it has become. It was on Thanksgiving weekend in 2003 that DealYard was conceived, and today the company is doing better than ever thanks to loyal customers and a great team of employees. The dream of an online retailer for deeply discounted inventory has been made a reality.

DealYard will be providing record-breaking sale prices on name brand items in all departments, including big names like Delta, Crockpot, Nike, Timex, and Steinausen. In addition to Cyber Monday sales, there will also be daily, weekly, and monthly advertisement cycles running simultaneously, offering even better sales.

A new email marketing campaign will be providing customers with personalized sales based on purchases they have made in the past, and providing gift suggestions to those who have only recently signed up for DealYard’s email subscription service.

Cyber Monday is the biggest day of the year for online sales, and offers the best sales. If you’re looking for an alternative to the cold weather outside, take a look at DealYard’s new stock. These items are delivered directly to your door, and free shipping is available on certain purchases. Spend the holidays with your family instead of away from your family. More importantly, be safe and enjoy the holiday season!