Halloween is here, and DealYard is ready to unleash a storm of new sales to end the month right! The company is sponsoring a Halloween bash in select cities around the country, and is inviting people to dress up as their favorite scary creatures or characters. In addition, the company will be sending out email advertisements in order to display its collection of scary movies on DVD. These will be offered at significantly reduce prices in order to celebrate the occasion.

Rob Heller of DealYard is ready for the holiday. “For my family, Halloween is the first of many fun holidays that arrive with the fall and winter seasons. We host a party just ahead of Halloween for friends and family. We dress up, we play scary music, watch scary movies, share tasty treats, and sometimes play pranks on one another. The kids love it, and so do we. The environment feels a little bit different around Halloween. The air is cooler. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Winter is coming. And best of all? It marks the transition into a season of sales!”

DealYard was introduced online in 2003, after Heller had the unique idea for a website specifically designed to offer the best sales and the deepest discounts in the online marketplace. Every year, the company makes new strides, and DealYard currently enjoys a robust relationship with Amazon and eBay, through which it acquires many of its discounted products. The company has also provided service in Canada, Germany, and New Zealand. Soon, DealYard plans to sell to many other countries in Europe, expanding once again.

For Halloween, DealYard has launched sales on all sorts of spectacular name brand goods like Crockpot and Nike, and is slashing prices on all electric blankets offered by the site. In addition, all DVDs and movies of the horror genre will be offered at reduced price for the remainder of the month. Customers can also look forward to personalized email deals over the coming days and weeks.

Many might find Halloween to be a hassle, but those of us at DealYard know how to have fun and share the season’s traditions with our friends and family! This Halloween, share the thrills and spooky times with DealYard, and create some special memories with friends and family.