2015 is almost here, and the online retailer DealYard is ready to announce sweeping changes for the company’s future. In addition to more environmentally friendly business practices, the website will soon be undergoing changes which will ensure users have a highly interactive experience and be able to more easily locate the products they would like to purchase.

The site’s email subscription service will also be reshaped by new algorithms that will match up customers with products that are more suited to their needs. The new year is a time to change things that could use improvement, and DealYard is ready.

CEO Rob Heller has some New Year’s resolutions of his own. “I’d like to find little ways of improving my relationships with my friends, family, and customers. Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the little things. A simple word of thanks can sometimes make all the difference. I want the people closest to me to know that I love them all the time, and not just when I tell them. I also intend to make healthier choices for myself and for others, including my company and its workers.”

That’s why Heller has enacted so many changes to the way DealYard interacts with its customers, and ensured buyers that better deals are on the way. Since 2003, DealYard has been steadily growing from a small online discount retailer to a massive marketplace for all sorts of great name brands. In 2015, Heller plans to add thousands of jobs by constructing more expansions at international branches. Much of DealYard’s inventory is still available in other online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.

Winter items such as electric blankets and heated mattress pads will be switched over to clearance for the new year, and new brands will be making their way on the website. Currently, new sales can be found on great name brands such as Speck, Aerobed, Zwilling, Mr. Coffee, and Crock Pot. On New Year’s day, most of the site’s inventory will be on sale.

New Year’s is about making changes that need to be made in order to stay healthy, happy, and fulfilled. That’s why DealYard is resolving to work closer with its customers to make sure they’re provided with the best customer service possible. Make this New Year’s one to remember!