DealYard will be bolstering its inventory in preparation for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Because the holiday season is approaching fast, consumers are out in droves searching for the products that will make Thanksgiving and the upcoming winter holidays special. DealYard believes in the tradition of Thanksgiving dinner, and has prepared special sales that will help buyers make the most of their time in the kitchen, spending time with family, and enjoying the Thanksgiving feast.

CEO Rob Heller shares his own thoughts on the holiday: “Thanksgiving is probably one of the most meaningful times of the year for my family. There’s nothing quite like it. Even though we all love and appreciate one another, we sometimes lose sight of the things that matter and forget to share those feelings. Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to do that. It’s special.”

Heller believes in tradition, and hopes people will take the time to build their own. “At home, we watch the game and throw the football around before we eat. It’s not the most original tradition, but it means a great deal to us, and it wouldn’t be the same for the kids if not for that.”

DealYard is preparing a vast number of products for sale over the weekend, many of which will enjoy the greatest sales of the year. Almost all kitchenware inventory will be slashed for the duration of the weekend in order to help people prepare for the cooking that is to come. Electric blankets continue to see their prices slashed. Additional savings are currently being offered to those customers who sign up for the email subscription service that DealYard offers.

This Thanksgiving, be sure to give thanks for everything you’ve accomplished in life, and to all those who have given you their love and support throughout the years. Friends and family are everything. Make this Thanksgiving special!