DealYard believes in serving those who serve us, and that means showing true appreciation to those who serve in our armed forces while protecting our constitutional rights and the freedoms that we enjoy every day as Americans. When veterans come home, it’s our duty to repay the debt we owe them. We can donate to charities that provide invaluable resources to our veterans, we can salute their heroic acts, and we can volunteer our time in order to better serve our own communities.

And that’s exactly what DealYard’s CEO, Rob Heller, will be doing this Veteran’s Day. “When I was a young boy my father served in the armed forces, and I’ll never forget the stories he told us of the valor of fallen comrades and the many acts of kindness on the battlefield perpetuated even by those on the other side of conflicts.

“These always touched me in a way, and in remembering those stories I’ve always strived to do my part in honoring those who have protected our way of life day in and day out. This Veteran’s Day, I’ll be making donations both privately and on behalf of DealYard to various charities associated with veteran care and shelter. I’ll also be taking my kids on a trip to one of these organizations and sharing some of those same stories that my dad used to tell. I want them to have the same appreciation that I do.”

In celebration of Veteran’s Day, DealYard is launching sales on a variety of electronic products and name brand merchandise like Duracell, Garrity, and Coleman. These sales will last for the duration of the weekend, and will accompany the usual daily, weekly, and monthly advertisement cycles.

Veteran’s Day only comes around once a year, but we should do our best to ensure our soldiers are taken care of year-round. The least we can do is protect those who protect us!