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Expressing Yourself Through Your Apple Product

Just as recently as a few days ago, people started lining up outside stores at 4am. We may have a phone upgrade available but we ignore it, so we can get the latest and newest version of the iPhone. We now have the technology in the palm of our hands to listen to music anywhere and everywhere. We can instantly look up information to prove that we are right (or admit that we are wrong) in a debate. Our worlds have forever been changed since the release of the iPod in October 2001. But what exactly makes droves of people camp out? What makes Apple products so incredibly special? Some people argue the technology, while others argue it’s the fact that there are a plethora of accessories to make your iPhone, iPod, iPad truly unique.

It’s amazing to watch how the iPod, a simple mp3 player has evolved into the iPhone and iPad. This technology has become an integral part of our life. But let’s look at the context in which the iPod first appeared. It was a time where people were illegally downloading music from the internet. The Music industry was losing money hand over foot. Bands like Metallica were suing illegal downloading sites like Napster. Many other companies like Windows tried releasing mp3 players like The Zune. But due to the genius of Steve Jobs, the iPod found a way to make it cool to pay for music. The fundamental difference was the ability to log into iTunes and pay just for one song, rather than buying an entire album. This pleased the music industry because they were making money and pleased consumers who were able to create playlists, and have a unique collection of songs.

Third party manufacturers also took advantage of the rising popularity of the iPod, developing accessories such as headphones, cool iPhone cases , to speakers. This allowed iPod users to customize their iPod and make it more their own. Now your iPod was a direct reflection of your personality from the taste of music on the inside to how you decorated it on the outside. As Apple released more and more products, more and more accessories have been created with more and more options.

Despite it’s popularity, one of the criticism of the iPod was the earbuds. For some people they were just way to small to fit in their ears, or they were too uncomfortable. Taking advantage of this, manufacturers made all different types of headphones for the iPod. Some had plastic straps to wrap around your ear, while other’s had rubber plugs that fit comfortably in the air. The earbuds now come in several different colors as well so people can really express their true personality

It’s amazing to think that as little as 12 years ago, this technology which we heavily rely on every day was unavailable to us. And 12 years from now, who knows what the future beholds in terms of portable technology.

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