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National Boss’s Day

Throughout the course of the year there are many different holidays, whether it’s religious like Christmas, cultural like Cinco De Mayo or secular, what is commonly referred to as “Hallmark,” holidays like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. There are so many different holidays that it’s hard to keep track of them all. But one holiday that you shouldn’t forget, because your job might depend on it, is Boss’s Day celebrated every year on October 16th.

Boss’s Day is a 20th century holiday that started in Illinois in the late 1950s. Patricia Bays Haroski was working for her father at State Farm Insurance Company as a secretary. In 1958, she filed for “National Boss’s Day” at the Illinois Chamber of Commerce on her father’s birthday October 16th. In 1962, the governor of Illinois officially proclaimed the day. It took a while, but in 1979, it became a “Hallmark” holiday. Over the course of the decades, Boss’s day has become international being celebrated in countries like Ireland, England and Australia.

But purchasing a gift for your boss can be a tricky thing. Although brown-nosing is frowned upon, having the perfect present for your work superiors on Boss’s Day can go a really long way. There’s a fine line between over-spending and under-spending especially when it comes to your boss. You don’t want to appear cheap and you don’t want to appear that you’re trying to hard.

The best way to determine what to get your boss is not to worry about price. Instead think about his typical day. Does he commute? Does he travel? Does he play golf? Does he collect things? Ideally you want to find a gift that will make his busy day easier or a gift that will make his recreation more fun!

For bosses who like to have business meetings on the golf course, there’s a plethora of golf accessories to chose from. Customized balls, golf tees, golf clothing or even assorted golf clubs like golf drivers and wedges can be a great gift for boss’s day.

Another great classic gift for bosses is a watch. What is your boss’s favorite sports team? Does he like the Yankees? Getting him a Yankees watch not only shows that you are cognizant of his interests but now every time he looks down to check his watch he will be thinking of you as well. For those seeking a promotion, or looking to get a raise, this is a good subtle way of perhaps getting your foot in the door.

If we went by the “Hallmark” calendar, it would be financially impossible to celebrate every holiday. Although easily forgotten in the midst of October, Boss’s Day is definitely a holiday worth celebrating.

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