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Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the Monday that directly follows Thanksgiving, and is typically known as the day during which the greatest amount of online revenue is generated, much like Black Friday is in relation to brick and mortar locations. Although Cyber Monday was first referenced only recently in 2005 by a single online retailer in an effort to advertise and fuel further revenue, it is now used across the board by all retailers, not to mention internationally.

Year by year, Cyber Monday spending continues to grow. 2013 propelled online retailers to great success, especially when compared to the lackluster consumer response on Black Friday. Although they left home in record numbers, consumers purchased little over Thanksgiving weekend. Cyber Monday balanced the playing field, however, and resulted in the most fruitful year on record with nearly 2 billion dollars in revenue. It was the largest in history.

This is great news, especially when taking into account Cyber Monday's humble beginnings. Research conducted in 2004 showed great potential for the day, as retailers had reported greater than average online sales directly following Thanksgiving weekend's end. Using this information, retailers began to increase both the depth of savings available on Cyber Monday and advertise their availability as a sort of extended holiday weekend. The ongoing trend shows substantial growth each year, and so extensive Cyber Monday sales are unlikely to end anytime soon. This gives the consumer great opportunity and promise.

Considering that this day involves an electronic exchange of cash and goods, it should come as no surprise to anyone that electronic devices and accessories seem to sell best. Notably, e-tablet use is still on the rise, and so sales on docks, charging stations, and USB cables are not at all uncommon.

Small ticket items that make great stocking stuffers are also in great demand on Cyber Monday. Batteries, phone cases, flashlights, handheld games, and even jewelry or watches are great ideas for a successful online haul.

Also on the mind of the consumer is the time of the year. During winter, people like to feel safe and warm, and they prove this in their buying habits on Cyber Monday. Gloves, winter coats, and electric blankets are in high demand, and are usually offered for great savings.

People also have food well implanted in their thoughts (and after Thanksgiving, how could they not?), and kitchen and dining products fly out of the warehouses. Cookware such as knife sets, cutting boards, pots and pans, blenders, and crock pots are all popular choices, as are the ever useful Pyrex containers and cookware.

One thing is for certain: People love to stay in on Cyber Monday, and online retailers love to offer amazing deals. If you missed out on the great sales of Black Friday, then Cyber Monday marks the beginning of internet savings right through to Christmas, and is an opportunity not to be wasted. In an age of efficiency, simply browsing online can be enormously helpful when you're not sure what to get for your loved ones. Why wait? Start shopping now!

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