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New Year's Eve

It's that time. There are many events we commonly associate with the coming of a new year, from the ball dropping in Times Square to a solid set of resolutions we intend to follow (but maybe don't). From a historical vantage point, New Year's eve into the new year has been celebrated for over four thousand years in some form or another. Obviously the calendars and methods of celebration have transformed quite a bit, but one thing remains certain after all this time: To us, the new year is a reset of sorts, and it allows many of the stresses of the past year to melt away with nothing more than a count down from ten.

The earliest reference we can find of such festivities dates back to ancient Babylon. They celebrated in late March soon after the vernal equinox, or as we know it the end of winter. From then on, the first day of the new year was generally marked by some sort of significant event that clearly signified the end of one period and the beginning of another. This could be the end of a season, a date of astronomical meaning, or an agricultural event. The celebrations sometimes lasted for many days, and were usually connected to massive religious festivals.

January 1st was never known as the start of the new calendar until well into Roman times, and in fact none other than Julius Caesar is credited with putting into motion the changes that resulted. This occurred in 46 B.C. after he put together a team of highly respected astronomers. Although not the same as the Gregorian calendar, his "Julian" calendar was similar enough that these changes to tradition have endured for two millennia.

Today, how we celebrate New Year's eve is mostly dependent on where we reside. Many cultures celebrate the night and day with elegant dishes that symbolize success or good fortune. The resolutions we make are a practice that began during the very first celebrations in ancient Babylon, and are still widespread today. It is also typical to watch fireworks displays.

The end of the year also marks the end of the holiday spending season, a time during which most nations can expect an economic stimulus of sorts. DealYard is no different, and although the holidays are almost in the past, more heavy discounts are planned for the new year. In fact, a surplus of product left over can be expected to result in even greater savings than were seen prior to Christmas. One can find great discounts in home improvement, with some faucets seen at up to 82% off. This is also a great time to pick up bedding for winter, or to begin preparing for allergy season by snatching up some mattress covers at great prices. Check out some hot new daily deals.

After the new year hits, take some time to enjoy the start of something new, make some great resolutions, and plan for the coming seasons by taking advantage of some phenomenal deals!

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