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Super Bowl Festivities

Although not considered a national holiday, the Super Bowl is oddly enough one of the most celebrated days in American history. Because of the day's profound effect on the masses, it has been applauded as a sign of American unity (or divisiveness, depending on one's view), and therefore many have suggested that it should indeed be named a national holiday in order to recognize and more appreciate that happy consequence.

It wasn't until 1922 that the National Football League was officially named, and for the next eleven years the victors were decided simply based on a seasonal record greater than the others. In 1933, the traditional of holding championship games commenced, similar to what we know today. In 1960, the short-lived American Football League was formed. It didn't endure long enough to reach past a decade, but the two leagues shared a bitter rivalry until they ultimately joined forces. Before the merger, however, the two competed from 1967-1969. Oddly, the phrase "Super Bowl" was not coined until 1972. That year was still considered "Super Bowl VI", which of course made the first "world series" between the two leagues that occurred in 1967 the official start of the Super Bowl.

Today, the day is considered one of the most important days of the year, as it promotes a massive amount of consumer spending, not to mention grants advertisers a tremendous opportunity to take advantage of the television program that traditionally features the highest viewership of the year. In 2013, the halftime show alone captivated 104 million viewers. Comparatively, the United States of America has a population of about 314 million people. This essentially means that the country effectively shuts down on this one day a year, perhaps even more so than on Thanksgiving or Christmas, days which are traditionally infringed upon by people doing last-minute shopping.

Traditionally, the one aspect of the Super Bowl that everyone can agree upon is the food. In fact, only Thanksgiving surpasses the Super Bowl in terms of overall food consumption. Taking into consideration the usual price cuts that occur at the beginning of the new year, this makes it the perfect occasion for adding new kitchenware or taking advantage of other deep discounts. Perhaps one of the best choices might be a shiny new set of Pyrex glassware, perfect for heating up previously purchased chicken wings. If a lengthy cooking session is planned, maybe a few new knives are in order.

Even though the day marks a healthy competition between two of the best football teams of any given year, and their fans, it really does bring people together in a way that no other day of the year can. Holiday or not, it's time to sit down with the family and enjoy some quality time together.

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