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National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month is a period dedicated toward spreading a wealth of accurate information regarding traditional nutrition, combating the massive lack of public awareness and misinformation being spread to the consumer on a regular basis. The American Dietetic Association launched it with the idea of educating people about healthy eating habits.

Although it's historical context is short, awareness has spread exponentially over the years. A nutritional awareness campaign was first launched in 1973, but had already gained such a following in the years thereafter that it was transformed into National Nutrition Month by 1980. This concept is important due to its widespread implications. Cancer affects us all. We all know someone who has battled cancer, and most of us have lost someone to it. But truth be told, cancer deaths could be dramatically reduced by altering basic lifestyle choices, most of which are nutrition-based.

For example, most of us unfortunately have procured a sweet tooth. Some studies have indicated that sugar retains the addictiveness of drugs such as cocaine. Considering that our bodies do not benefit from these additives, we should strive to lower them significantly. Too much can cause immediate disruption of normal biological processes in our bodies and can result in serious health problems later in life. Natural sugars such as those found in fruit may not be as addictive, but they are better for us and come with the added benefit of being packed with vitamins and minerals. Something else to consider is that the average person's level of meat consumption is far too high. Larger portions of other food groups lead to better overall health.

It could be a great month for some smart purchasing decisions. A crock pot makes planning nutritious meals that much easier. Simply put the ingredients together, and go about your daily business. Hours later, you have a house full of savory aromas and a fully cooked dinner. They're great for meats, fish, vegetables, stews, and pretty much any other meal combination you might consider. Finding enough vitamins and minerals in your diet can be challenging. A blender can make nutritional choices both efficient and fun. Everyone craves a tasty fruit or vegetable smoothie.

Although many of us remain healthy, it shouldn't be something we ever take for granted. Life can take a turn for the worse at any time. We should celebrate what we have, and make the choices that provide us and our loved ones with the best possible chance for a long and healthy life. We should celebrate our family and friends, past and present, and hope to keep them close in the future.

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