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Save Your Vision Week

Save Your Vision Week takes place annually during the first week of March by presidential proclamation and has since 1964. This began because many people seem to take the gift of sight for granted. People fail to realize that as a society, our sight has been on the decline for decades and we do little to prevent the trend from remaining the same in the future. Therefore, we should do all we can to wake up to the problem we face and strive save our vision!

There are many reasons that our eyesight may be declining as we age both as individuals and as a society. Our nutrition has suffered greatly over the past few decades as we have consistently introduced new carcinogens and dangerous new fads into our diets. Many of the agents we consume have detrimental effects to our eyesight, in addition to the rest of our bodies. Also, sunlight continues to remain a strong factor in the decline of our eyesight.

There are many options when it comes to protecting our eyesight. One of the most important contributions to immaculate eyesight is our diet. In order to keep it at its best for as long as possible, we should keep as balanced a diet as possible. Fish remains a necessity because of the omega-3 fatty acids it contains. We should also take care to eat fruits to keep our vitamins and minerals sufficient, and green, leafy vegetables which contain vitamins C and E in addition to lutein and zinc. It is also worth mentioning that diabetes is a leading cause of blindness, which is why we should strive to combat obesity in our society.

Perhaps a second important factor is the most likely contributor to eyesight decline in our future. Constantly staring at a computer screen throughout the day can lead to significant stress on the eyes. If you exhibit symptoms such as blurry eyes or headaches, it's time to take a break. If you notice that you have trouble focusing on faraway objects after long periods of viewing a computer screen, you should try to reduce the time you spend in front of one. As a society, we should focus on researching new technologies which may reduce the strain on our eyes through use of the computer. Some technologies already exist. Consider for instance various e-readers that are designed to eliminate strain on the eyes.

Obviously, we also need to focus on shielding our eyes through the use of protective glasses when doing dangerous activities or wearing sunglasses. Many popular brands are developing new methods of protecting our eyes. Even cloudy days can result in a high UV index rating, so don't forget to do your eyes a favor and slip on a pair of sunglasses designed for optimal protection. We can reduce the problems we face with these simple steps!

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