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The spring season is upon us. Historically, it marks the end of winter hardships. Our ancestors were able to start hunting more easily and begin the growing season anew. They were able to collect fruit and berries, and gather nuts. Much of this food was traditionally saved for the winter period, when little could be done but struggle to stay alive. In the early years when the Americas were being colonized, drought could completely destroy a community's chances for the winter season, and potentially wipe out entire colonies.

Today, we have it much easier. Most of us want for very little, and those of us that do can take advantage of many government or locally sponsored programs and subsidies which allow us all to struggle a little less. Most of us no longer need to hunt or grow, instead buying what our ancestors would consider massive amounts of food in a single trip to the grocery store. We have computer programs that can locate the best sales. Many of us take all these time-won advantages for granted.

Even so, here in the United States we appreciate the symbolism that the spring season represents, even if some of us forget what it meant to those in the past. Spring represents rebirth and renewal. It represents a new path forward, and gives us a new opportunity to leave the past behind. It symbolizes life in general, and the ephemeral nature of all life that has passed. It shows us the nature of change. It shows us the nature of beauty. It shows us the transition from young to old, as we see it in ourselves and our parents and our grandparents. It shows us that all life, all peace, and all serenity, erupts from death and times of chaotic turmoil. It allows us to appreciate what winter was, and the feelings of overpowering greatness that periods of quiet reflection can grant us.

With so many meanings that we derive from the spring season, it is no surprise that we find traditions and cling to them. Countries around the world hold spectacular festivals as a means of presenting nature's beauty. We take the time to clean our houses, making our lives just a little bit neater and more refreshed. Many of us find a sport to stay vibrant and healthy, or we go on a camping expedition in order to feel closer to the great outdoors.

During the coming seasons, take a moment during your day to appreciate everything that those around us and those who came before us have loved and lost, to appreciate the adversity we fight through with every day that goes by, and to appreciate the very nature of change which infuses our lives with excitement. Find your own traditions to celebrate the new season, and find meaning when life presents you with an obstacle. It's time to move forward.

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