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What is Easter? What does it represent to those who celebrate the life and death of Christ? Easter is about celebrating the resurrection of Christ, a man who was crucified, dying on the cross for all humankind and thereby saving us from our sins. This death sparks an immediate image for anyone who hears the name. Easter also marks the end of Lent, 40 days in which many choose to fast, pray, and confess or repent their sins. Some churches call it "Resurrection Day" because of the day's old Pagan traditions.

Even though Easter is mainly a Christian holiday, it has many similarities to the Jewish holiday that we know as Passover. It also symbolizes aspects of the cycle of life that are basically universal in our understanding. Life is born, it is sustained by the death of other organisms, then it dies, providing sustenance to life that comes after it has passed. The life and death of Christ symbolize this great cycle, going one step further by representing the sins of mankind and granting us the ability to absolve ourselves of those sins in order to eternal life in heaven.

We generally celebrate Easter by first going to Sunday mass, which happens to be one of the most attended celebrations of the year. We then spend the day with our families. Although many choose to simply find relaxation in the holiday, many also share their experiences of Lent and Good Friday. There's the traditional Easter egg hunt, during which we often fill plastic eggs with goodies and send the kids off to scavenge for them. These eggs symbolize many things. Fertilization and birth. The tomb of Jesus (often seen as ironic since we usually fill the eggs before the hunt begins). And lastly, eternal life through Christian belief.

In other countries, many celebrate Easter Monday, and in Canada they actually celebrate both days as part of Easter. Many regions either close businesses for the day, or only open for half a day. DealYard, like other major online retailers, need not choose. Many deals will be available for Easter shoppers, and many others will be ongoing throughout the week. The weeks leading up to Easter and even those following can be a great time to find valuable spring products like heaters and fans. For those more adventurous, a healthy supply of camping and hiking gear is available.

Even if you don't celebrate Easter, it's a great time to get outdoors and celebrate the rebirth of life through the spring season, which symbolizes many of the same aspects of life and death which we see and experience every day. It's a great time to be a contributable part of our families, communities, nations--and more importantly, humankind as a whole.

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