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National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month was founded by the Academy of American Poets in 1996 in order to spur a new generation to take part in more creative endeavors. Poetry is one of the most concentrated forms of written art, and can be read an interpreted in many different ways by many different people. It's for this reason that poetry leads to enhanced critical thinking skills, which many people believe are becoming more and more dormant and sluggish with each passing generation.

For the duration of National Poetry Month, it's common for publishers, poets, novelists, librarians, teachers, students, literary organizations, and analysts to come together and celebrate the effects that poetry have had on the humble beginnings of our countries, and how literary influences have shaped our minds for hundreds of years.

For the past decade, the influence of National Poetry Month has grown substantially. Poets and writers from around the world have used the month to establish themselves in the community, with booksellers holding special readings by known poets both popular and unknown, and many publishers launching many publications over the course of the month. Many hope that the month will continue to inspire a new generation of writers, and that our students will inherit the will and creativity of those known only from our distant past.

Even though the month's celebrations are undoubtedly meant to inspire, there are those who believe that the multitude of publications in April can be overwhelming and counterproductive to National Poetry Month's intended purpose. A more steady wave of poetry publications, they believe, would less likely trivialize the period, and make people more likely to appreciate poetry on a more regular basis.

Whether or not you support the form of art that has inspired new generations of writers for thousands of years, you can still participate and inspire others with ideas of your own. Crack open a bottle of wine, find a snack, and kick back. Gather your favorite people, relax, and watch a movie. Share your experiences of the past, hopes for the future, and knowledge of the present with your friends and family. There's no better time than National Poetry Month.

No matter what your level of creativity, National Poetry Month can be a great opportunity to take part in a wider range of activities and creative endeavors. If poetry isn't for you, then by all means write a short story or begin a novel. Build something from raw materials. Fix an old car. Start a new enterprise. Hire a programmer to create the next popular app. Explore new concepts any way you can. The only way our society will continue to strengthen and grow is through constant communal support and with an influx of great new ideas. Celebrate National Poetry Month by sharing some of yours!

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