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September is Self-Improvement Month

There are many different images that come to mind when you think of the month of September; a cool breeze that brings the aroma of apple and pumpkin spices, the leaves beginning to change from green to yellow, red and orange, and digging through your closet to find your pair of boots, kids rustling through backpacks to find the right school supplies. But did you know that September is more than just the season changing from summer to fall? In fact, many consider September to be self-improvement month. Whether it’s physically, mentally, spiritually, in the workplace, at home, or educationally, September is considered the perfect month to make changes to your life.

How September received the honor of being self-improvement month is unknown. But some theorize that the month of September usually coincides with the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah, where many people made New Years resolutions to improve aspects of their life. DealYard has many products that can help anyone achieve the goals they create for themselves during self-improvement month. A popular new years resolution and a popular area for self-improvement is having more self-confidence. The best way to achieve this is usually one of two ways. The first way is being losing weight. The other is by a makeover.

It’s common knowledge that the key to loosing weight is having a proper diet and exercise. Many nutritionists suggest a certain portion size that requires you to weigh your food before cooking. Having a kitchen scale will help keep your diet on track. You can also make exercise more enjoyable by listening to music on a mp3 player like an iPod. For those who are heavy exercises, using a sport armband will help protect and keep your iPod safe. And let’s not for the crucial part of any weight lost campaign; checking and monitoring your weight. Having a properly calibrated weight scale will ensure that you are on the right track.

The goal of a makeover is to express the inner beauty of a person on the outside. The simplest and easiest way to enhance your outer beauty is to wear make up. Many make up artists say something as simple as a little of mascara and revitalizing lip balm can make all the difference from looking drab to fab! Also, with the season change in September, skin tends to be dry especially on the face. Keeping a mineral water facial spray on hand will refresh your make up and moisturize skin. And let’s not forget the importance of having flawless hair. Whether you have curly but want straight hair, or if you have straight hair and want curly hair, there’s methods and strategies for you to gain that inner self-confidence. Using a ceramic curling iron or a ceramic straightener are the perfect tools for your overall self-improvement.

Although fashion, beauty, and weight loss are not everyone’s goals during self-improvement month, they are definitely the most popular. But many people use this month to reflect on the things you’d like to improve about their life. The key is to set goals and standards and do whatever it takes to achieve them to make yourself the best person you can be.

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