Summer is here! Are you ready to hit the beach and enjoy some hiking, biking, sand, sun, sea, and surf? With all the activities ahead you’ll also be needing a good night’s rest, and summer is the best time to catch up on some much-needed zZzZzzs. After a long winter, comfortable summer nights are a great time for well-deserved rest and good sleep.

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But, you have a hard time falling asleep, you say? Does it take hours to lull yourself to dreamland? Falling asleep is a real struggle for many people but worry no more. There is a variety of ways on how to sleep better and has a list of the top 7 tips on how to sleep better this summer.

  1. Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages at least four to six hours before going to bed. It is fact that caffeine found in coffee, tea and sodas will keep you awake, hence disrupting your sleep.
  2. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking cigarette. Although alcohol may help you initially fall asleep, it affects the quality of your bedtime rest. The same goes with cigarette smoke. Cigarettes have stimulants that can keep you awake hours after your last puff.
  3. Make your bedroom comfortable to sleep in. Keep the shades closed, turn on the ceiling fan, and sleep comfortably on a discount electric mattress pad from Sunbeam.
  4. Avoid placing a television and computer in your bedroom. Your bedroom should be a place that your body and mind recognize as being for rest only. Create a mental association that your bedroom is for rest and not for work.
  5. Wind down with light and soothing music, or play the relaxing sound of the ocean or a forest rain. The repetitive rhythm of this type of music or sounds can relax your body and your mind, thus making it easier for you to sleep.
  6. Keep a sleep schedule and be consistent with it. Sleeping and waking up on schedule helps make sure that you have a better sleep and establishes a body clock.
  7. Create a sleep routine. Perhaps, you can take a bath to soothe your muscles an hour before bed, then cap off the night with a short story. Whatever activities that you prefer, make it a routine so that once it starts your body knows what is next, and that means sleeping.

How do you practice better sleep? Let us know your ideas so that we can share with others.