As a girl who singed off her eyebrows while attempting to light a gas stove after spraying a can full of hairspray (it was a particularly humid day and my hair requires a lot of hairspray), I tend not to use my gas stove very often. I usually order food, but due to the recession, I have decided to be more prudent and have become a bit more acquainted with my electrical appliances.

I have actually become quite the plug-in, electrical outlet chef. Because I am often eating solo, there is usually very little fanfare, however I have cooked five course Thanksgiving meals for guests without an oven. A typical meal consists of a gourmet tomato and mozzarella sandwich sprinkled with a bit of basil to top it off and grilled to perfection (minus the open flames) in my panini grill. To relax, I almost always open a bottle of wine after a long day of work. Since I have a habit of breaking corks and I like my wine cold, I use my trusty wine opener and chiller. This is uncorkage 101 at its finest especially if you are as clumsy as me. To finish it off, I drink my desert.

A scoop of ice cream, a hit of Bailys, and a banana mixed in my blender ends a night in. To be honest, it is all very simple and quite good… and cooking sans gas after my incident (it took 4 months to grow my eyebrows back not to mention, I use my oven for storage) was my only alternative to ordering food. I knew after my local delivery guys started seeing me on the street and addressing me by what I ordered… “hey, its small order of shrimp fried rice and a bottle of water…” that I probably needed to cook a little more.

-Dara King