The upcoming PGA Championship will be held on July 28-31 at Baltusrol Golf Club in New Jersey. The PGA Championship also called as U.S. PGA is one of the most awaited golf tournaments organized by the Professional Golfers Association of America.

Accessories for the Coming PGA Championship

Aside from a golf club, must-have equipment for golfers includes miscellaneous items like golf shoes. The primary purpose of golf shoes is to provide stability and balance. And other small accessories that seem negligible but offers a good advantage are golf sunglasses. Yes, there are indeed sunglasses that are mainly made for the game.

Sunglasses seem a very common accessory for all of us, but for golf players, it is an essential accessory. Wearing the wrong sunglasses can affect your golf game. It can bother your vision and lessen your ability to focus on your target. Golf sunglasses usually have dark amber, brown or copper colored lens. These colors help optimize the contrast of the grass and the blue skies. In effect, it gives you clear vision even when the sun is out shining brightly.

Want to rock a pair of shades like the professionals? offers golf sunglasses from Nike so you can root on your favorite player in style. Invest in the best kind of sunglasses and see how it can give the advantage during the competition.