Since its been so hot the past few days, we thought it would make sense to highlight some of our ice cream machines and blenders. Just a reminder, you can still save 10% off by becoming a Facebook Fan and entering FBOOK07 at checkout, this promotion is limited to one use per customer, but is valid throughout the month of July.

This is my favorite ice cream maker. It is considered one of the best ice cream and sorbet makers for good reason. Very well reviewed by Amazon with an average customer rating of 4.5 Stars!

Why pay money to get a slushie or snow cone from 7-11, or your neighborhood ice cream truck when you can make them at home. These appliances will have you making frozen desserts in muinutes!

Here are just a sample of the blenders that DealYard offers. Both of these blenders are work great no matter what price range you prefer. The premium beehive blender is a workhouse and can pretty much crush through everything.