Ceiling fan lights are selling like hotcakes because summer is around the corner. In addition to cooling your home, there are many great benefits to enjoy once you install your new ceiling fan light.

ceiling fan

DealYard carries the best ceiling fans on the market. Customers enjoy benefits like the low cost of energy to cool a room and efficient lighting. Your air conditioner goes hand-in-hand with your refrigerator as the largest energy-consuming appliance in your home. Running ceiling fans in all rooms of your home and minimizing the use of an air conditioner and furnace could reduce your energy costs significantly. Some report monthly utility bill decreases by as much as 30%.

Ceiling fans come in a variety of designs, sizes and colors. This means that you can choose the ceiling fan that best fits your home or a particular room.
Aside from its functional purpose, a beautifully designed ceiling fan can compliment the beauty of a room. Ceiling fans with lights have a way of contributing beautiful illumination to the room.

Ceiling fans can work year around, too. You may ask, “why would I run a fan in the winter?” Great question. Ceiling fans can double as alternatives to room heaters. By turning your ceiling fan’s rotational direction in reverse during winter and setting it to a low speed, the air flow will push the hot air that rises to the top of a room back down to heat the ground level that you’re at. Who knew that a ceiling fan could also heat you during winter in addition to the comforting cool breeze it provides in the summer?