When it comes to self-improvement, a lot of people may think that it is all in the mind. Sometimes, however, it goes beyond that. With September being self-improvement month, we’ve found some bloggers and influencers who have made self-improvement their mission. They are not only out to make a better version of themselves, but want to help others, too.



The site is authored by Maria Popova and does not contain your usual self-improvement content. The articles here are based on extensive research and are mostly experiential. The topics include spirituality, how to handle anxiety, intelligence, intellectual maturity, and how to keep your creative juices flowing.


The author, Leo Babauta, has a one of a kind approach to writing his self-improvement content. The blog site is for those who are looking to getting the best out of living a minimalist life. The habits referred to here come in two forms – the bad and the good. The blog focuses on how to overcome bad habits to have a better life.


Aside from authoring the contents of their blog, Danielle LaPorte goes beyond just writing her content; she lives and practices it. The website is full of quotes that intend to help people gain more self-confidence as well as a positive outlook in life. The good thing about her content is that common folk can relate to it. People tend to remember her posts because they are so simple yet meaningful. The lessons can also be applied to day-to-day life.

Apart from reading advice on self-help, don’t forget to do something to improve your physical health. Eat better, exercise, let go of bad habits, and sleep well in order to have a well-rested mind. We recommend the Sunbeam Comfort Set Quilted Heated Electric Mattress Pads for restful and reinvigorating sleep.