Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner, and DealYard is holding a series of events leading up to the holiday itself in order to celebrate what this holiday and similar holidays mean to the people in our communities. The holiday originated during our American Civil War as a means of celebrating freedom in and out of our country, and has since become a fun American holiday that celebrates Mexican heritage and pride for those making their home here.

Rob Heller commented on what Cinco de Mayo means to him and his company. “I believe that everyone should take pride in who they are and remember where they came from, and it’s for that reason that we’re holding these events. We’ll have festivities at locations throughout the country, and we’ll be celebrating the many ground-breaking achievements of our Mexican-American workers and hopefully inspiring many to fulfill their own goals inside and outside of DealYard. Everyone deserves a chance to do what they love, whether it be a hobby, making a family, or rising within our company.”

In the weeks leading up to Cinco de Mayo, customers will find many great sales on new and old products, and should consider subscribing to personalized ad and sale notifications, which are routinely updated and sent through email.

DealYard believes that everyone has the right to the pursuit of happiness regardless of who they are or where they grew up, and hopes that our children and their children will continue to live up to their potential and spread the level of acceptance that they have shown the world so far. DealYard wants everyone to stop, take a moment to learn about their heritage and their family’s history, and ensure that history is taught to the next generation.