When the winter starts in December, everyone is in the holiday spirit. Even the most dangerous of cold weather like blizzards and frigid winds couldn’t keep take way from the joyous feeling. Who doesn’t love a white Christmas? But once we ring in the New Year and people return to back to their normal work routines, the cold weather can be anything but pleasant. Cold weather brings snow, sleet, hail and can lead to things like delayed commutes and car accidents. But despite the weather outside being frightful, there are many ways that you can prepare for the long cold winter ahead.

Winterizing your home is one of the best things to do when there’s a threat of cold weather approaching.  Going through your house and covering any drafting areas with blankets or caulking surfaces will also help keep your heating bill lower because you are preventing cold air from entering your house and therefore reducing the amount of heat you need to use. If you have a fireplace make sure you close your flue to also prevent cold air from entering your house. Other ways to winterize your home include cleaning out your gutters to water doesn’t freeze inside and double-checking your home heating system.

Now that you know you are safe inside your house on a stormy night, what can you do to stay warm? One of the easiest ways to stay warm is to retain body heat. We lose body heat most quickly through the top of the head and our feet, therefore wearing a wool hat and socks is a great way to conserve body heat and stay warm. Another way to conserve body heat is cuddling up underneath blankets. Whether you are watching TV or reading a book, consider using electric blankets to provide heat and warmth. Using an electric blanket will also help you save on your heating bill because you will not be increase heat in the overall house but providing a localized heating source to stay warm.

If you are feeling cold another way to warm yourself up is by partaking in a hot beverage. When you think of the winter season, coffee, tea and hot chocolate come to mind. When you are cold drinking hot beverages can raise your body temperature making you feel warmer.