September 7th, 2012

Super Bright LED Lantern from Life+Gear

Life Gear Super Bright LED Lantern

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Manufacturer: Life Gear
Model #: LL01Y
Condition: New

The Life+Gear LifeLight super bright LED Lantern, model #LL01Y, is a lantern that serves multiple task, helping you on any camping trip. The lantern has 4 options for powe including crank power, (optional) AAA batteries, car cigarette lighter adapter, and AC adapter. This lantern has a high quality, long range AM/FM radio, cell phone charger, emergency flashers, night light, MP3 player through its speaker, and a compass. Additional features include 15 super bright 20,000 MCD LED lights (9 for lighting a large area and 6 emergency flashers) and 130 decibel signaling siren for emergencies.