Conair SE1 Obus Ultra Forme Ergonomic Orthopedic Seat $34.95

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Manufacturer: Conair
Model #: SE1
Condition: New
Warranty: Manufacturer’s Warranty

The unique design of the Obus Ultra FormeTM SE1 Seat more evenly distributes your body weight, and reduces pressure points for extended sitting comfort. The lightweight and portable design of the Obus Ultra Forme SE1 Seat makes it ideal for use anywhere you sit, such as home, office, vehicle, or wheelchair. Its polyurethane foam construction absorbs compression forces and dissipates vibrations (such as those generated in moving vehicles), making it the perfect traveling companion. Makes the perfect combination when paired with the Obus Forme BR1M backrest.


  • Contoured sides support your pelvis and hips in a comfortably balanced position, Cut-out at the center of the seat’s posterior reduces pressure on your tailbone
  • Raised center portion separates your legs slightly and tilts your pelvis backward to eliminate excess lumbar curve and reduce spinal strain
  • Removable front zippered section adjusts the depth to fit almost any chair, allowing for proper knee clearance and unrestricted circulation
  • Two “hook and loop” fastening tabs allow you to securely attach your Obus Ultra FormeTM Seat to the Obus Ultra FormeTM Backrest
  • Polyurethane foam construction absorbs compression forces and dissipates the vibrations such as those generated in moving vehicles, making in the perfect traveling companion