Sunbeam 1778-811 Therabeads Heating Heat Pad w Hydroscopic Beads

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Relieve sore muscles while you sleep, with the Sunbeam 1778-811 Therabeads Heating Pad. When you choose a Sunbeam Warming Product, you get a beautiful, lasting investment in personal comfort and warmth. Every Sunbeam Warming Product is designed as a total solution comprised of many features – each providing important benefits to your overall product experience. The Sunbeam 1778-811 features no cords and no batteries. No water or wires needed. Patented Hydroscopic Beads provide soothing relief while you sleep. Microwaveable heat pad is ideal for most body parts, including back, shoulder, and knees. Pad distributes uniform heat to help relieve sore and stiff muscles. Soft Comfortable Pad w/ Cover. Standard Size: 8″ x 12″. Can also be frozen for cold pain therapy.


  • No Cords and No Batteries
  • No Water or Wires Patented Hydroscopic Beads for Soothing Relief
  • Microwaveable Heat Pad Ideal for Most Body Parts: Back Shoulder Knees
  • Distributes Uniform Heat to Help Relieve Sore and Stiff Muscles
  • Soft Comfortable Pad w/ Cover