There are two different mindsets when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Some people are more cynical and consider it to be a “Hallmark holiday” or a day where people spend their money foolishly for no particular reason. Whereas others truly believe the Valentine’s Day is a day of romance filled with love and surprises.

The CEO of the online discount retailer DealYard Rob Heller believes that Valentine’s Day is a day full of love, but not necessarily a day dedicated to couples. “Valentine’s Day is about sharing and spreading love. And although I do love my wife very much, I love my entire family. To me, the holiday is about expressing our love and sharing our family bond with one another. In many ways I consider my family my one true valentine.”

Launched in 2003 to great acclaim, DealYard continues to be successful and grow every year. In the spirit of romance and partnership that Valentine’s Day brings, DealYard has allied with other large online retailers such as eBay and Amazon to bring their products to many different audiences. DealYard has free shipping to domestic addresses and even offers discounted shipping to international markets as far away as New Zealand and Asia.

To prepare for Valentine’s Day DealYard has boosted inventory as well as changed the back end of their website that allow for easier searches and better product matches. DealYard has even launched a subscription service that will alert customers to their daily deals, which offer up to an additional 5% off an already heavily discounted price. The idea is to provide customers with an easy way to search for products that are most relevant to them.

DealYard plans on expanding their kitchen appliance inventory for the Valnetine’s Day holiday. Brands such as Crockpot, Wolfgang Puck, Bon Appetit, VillaWare, Oster and Sunbeam will be on sale. The idea is to offer customers the best brands to help them prepare a romantic meal for their loved one to celebrate the holiday. Other romantic gifts will be heavily discounted such as jewelry, watches, DVDs as well as sunglasses.

Whether you are spending Valentine’s Day with your family or a significant other, the day is about showing people how much you mean to them. DealYard is proud to be bringing families and lovers closer together by offering brand name products at affordable prices.

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