Sunbeam 7530 Indoor Rocket Grill Parchment Paper Electric Grilling Appliance

4th of July is all about grilling, but what if you don’t have an outdoor grill and you still crave grilled food? Say you live in some cramped apartment, don’t have the time to cook, and hate doing dishes? If this is you, then the Sunbeam Indoor Rocket Grill is a lifesaver. This version of the rocket grill comes with 48 parchment pouches. From now until July 6th, we are offering this Electric Rocket Grill for the low price of $39.95 with Free Shipping. (Price special expires 11:59 pm, July 6th, 2010 EST)

Anybody can use this thing really, from soccer moms, hipsters, overbearing dads, tea party protesters, to crazy cat ladies. Sarah Palin and Kevin Costner just called me the other day, talking about how Rocket Grills will solve all our environmental problems in the Gulf. No Lie! Its gotta be better then what BP is doing.

You’re probably asking yourself, why should I grill my food in some plastic bag? First of all, the food just tastes much better, and there’s no cleanup required! Just toss away the mess. If you hate doing dishes then you’ll find yourself using this grill everyday like myself… Professional chefs have been using parchment paper for years. These special parchment pouches:

  • Lock in natural juices and flavors
  • Prevent foods from drying out
  • Channel fat and grease away from food

The DealYard “Dare to Compare” Challenge

We dare you to find a competitor who has a lower price with the same amount of parchment pouches included. (eBay doesn’t count btw, even then our price will probably still be lower..) If you can beat my impeccable price research, then we will beat that competitor’s price by 5%.

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