DealYard continues to offer deep discounts on a wide selection of premium Baldwin door locks and door hardware. Customer’s will find the same quality, peace of mind, and perfection in each lock at DealYard that Baldwin has built their reputation on. True to Baldwin’s practice of craftsmanship and expertise, each Baldwin lock is meticulously created of the optimum resources and with the highest consideration towards functionality and features.

As the economy continues to impact society’s finances and stability, Baldwin guards millions of households and professional facilities worldwide. All over the world, societies trust their home, their family, their personal belongings, or their business with the brand they believe in the most, Baldwin. That’s why they proudly say that Baldwin is “the world’s choices lock.”

Many models of Baldwin’s door lock sets have been crafted to allow for home owners to change their own locks in a few simple steps, in the comfort of their own home. Should you move houses, need more locks, change your keys (or lose your keys), you can often re-sync keys to match lock sets and within ten minutes you can get peace of mind knowing that you are the only one with keys to your home.

Formed with premium resources and done in rich hues, Baldwin door entry sets reach every guest with distinguished style. Seen on some of America’s most notable homes, Baldwin’s collections are well-known for their quality and timeless beauty.

To shop Baldwin lock sets or read more about home improvement options, visit or call 1-866-320-3325.