Although not everyone celebrates Easter, the values and symbolism which the holiday represents can be acknowledged and celebrated by anyone. More than anything, the day celebrates the cycles of life on the earth, acknowledging that every living organism will one day die, but in that death inevitably provide sustenance for those yet living and for those who have yet to be born–much like it is in business.

Rob Heller, the CEO and founder of DealYard shares his own beliefs: “Easter doesn’t need to be about any one culture or religion. We all hold the same universal values, beliefs, and principles pertaining to right and wrong, and part of the Easter holiday is the sharing of those. Isn’t it true that on the most basic foundation of humanity, we all live and die and nurture one another while believing in many of the same principles even as we share them in different ways? There’s something to be said for that. We all come from the same place.”

Heller comments about Easter. “I’d like to urge people to get outside, enjoy the beginning of spring and the vision of life it provides us, and find a way to be part of the bigger community.” He continues. “This Easter, DealYard is going to be celebrating by launching many new spring product lines from name brand suppliers that everyone knows. This inventory will provide outlets for customers to make the most of the outdoors.”

With Easter upon us, the new spring product lines will become available, and those that have signed up with DealYard’s free and easy email subscription service will have first crack at hundreds of personalized deals on already discounted items. Easter specials include deals on products from brands such as Coleman, Fenwick, and Life Gear. In addition, DealYard’s daily, weekly, and monthly advertisement cycles will continually be refreshed for frequent visitors.