Labor Day weekend is coming up soon. The sad thing is that it unofficially closes the summer season. The exciting part, though, is that it gives everyone the chance for one last hurrah before the colder seasons begin.


People take this chance to travel to another part of the country for some rest and recreation. The good thing is that the country has hundreds of places you can choose from to enjoy this weekend.

Here are three spots that you can go to for some Labor Day fun:

  1. Carmel, California is a popular beach town for everyone. Some say it is too far from urban areas like San Francisco and Los Angeles, but the distance adds to its appeal. Because it’s so far, you have no other choice to forget about your worries one you get there. Carmel-by-the-Sea is its main travel destination. It is laid back and only about 4,000 people live there.
    Additionally, you can bring your pets with you. It has a bustling arts and cultural vibe with its local galleries. A lot of people have fun fishing in these waters. However, be forewarned: if you are thinking of wearing your high heels, you need to ask permission from the authorities.
  2. Kennebunkport, Maine is just a two hour drive from Boston. Fishing is the main draw of this beautiful town. In fact it boasts of post-card scenery that just draws people in. The streets are lined with souvenir shops and cozy little cafes and restaurants. Former President George H.W. Bush has a house just nearby and you just might bump into him on Labor Day weekend. Aside from fishing, whale-watching is another popular pastime here.
  3. Hilton Head, South Carolina is the favorite travel spot of those who live in Savannah, Georgia. The great Atlantic Ocean is its main draw. Vacationers who are looking for the best golf courses, restaurants, and white sand beaches should have this on the top of their list.

For those interested in pitching camp in these places, remember to pack your outdoors gear. Our line up of products include tents, sleeping bags, propane stoves, and lanterns, among other items.