Family Health and Fitness Day is here, and DealYard is celebrating with a series of community events aimed at helping people remain fit and active throughout their lives. In addition, a series of blowout sales are being planned for the entire week in order to promote healthier living and better personal health choices.

Rob Heller said that plans have been in the works for quite a while. “Personal health is something I take seriously, but more than that I want my entire family to stay safe and stay healthy. I try to organize family time through exercise, whether it’s going to the park, taking a long run, or just casually goofing off in the backyard or by the pool. My family means everything to me.”

Therefore, community events will take place near DealYard warehouses nationwide, and seminars will be held in order to promote exercise. DealYard will also be organizing several competitions to get people started and show people how they can incorporate exercise into their daily routines easily.

DealYard was started by Heller in 2003, and has been gaining momentum ever since. Heller’s goal for the company was to use his own personal experiences in order to gain insight into how to run a business, and he suggests that his exercise regimen and healthy eating is part of that. He wants his company to survive as long as possible, and he would also like to do the same. In order to keep the company thriving, he has partnered with internet behemoths like eBay and Amazon and also expanded outside of the country to Canada, Germany, and Thailand.

Sometimes, it can simply take a little less stress to make us healthier and happier. DealYard is reducing prices on all heating pads and massagers, and further reducing already deeply discounted outdoors items such as sports and hiking equipment. Fall is coming, and DealYard advises its customers to get out there and enjoy the crisp, fresh air while it lasts.

Family Health and Fitness Day should not be viewed as a single occurrence. Rather, DealYard urges the community as a whole to stay active throughout the year. During the winter months, take advantage of gyms and exercise equipment. Daily deals for the new promotion are forthcoming.