Is it normal to have an obsession with my FoodSaver appliance? I think so at least… My friends might think its a little weird that I “Vacuum Seal” everything in my apartment, but I think it’s completely practical! Honestly, I must vacuum seal everything from meat, soup, cheese, shoes and even my winter clothes. Once I explained how much money and time I actually did save on food, they all jumped on the bandwagon. My machine is more then just a “food” saver it has practically become a lifesaver. I lost track of the amount of money and time it has saved me over the past couple years. Let me explain my story…

Adding a longer shelf life to any type of food is a great thing. When buying food at the grocery store, especially organic food, it tends to go bad relatively quickly leaving me having to buy more food later. FoodSavers solve that problem by allowing me to vacuum seal and freeze my food so that I can keep it fresh up to three or five times longer. Imagine buying cheese or bread that lasts forever! The vacuum seal is really easy and simple to use. You just take one of the bags (Pint, Quart, or Gallon) and use the machine to seal it and make it completely airtight.

These bags also save time and money by allowing me to keep the leftovers in my fridge for much longer then I could have ever expected. If my kids don’t finish their meals, I can always pop the food into a FoodSaver, seal it up and they can eat it the next day or even a week after. It comes in really handy when I cook too much and have leftovers from parties or restaurants. I simply seal up the leftovers and pop them in the microwave a few days later. Amazingly, the food tastes just as fresh as the first day. They come in really handy for keeping soups fresh also. I pour the soup into the bags, vacuum seal and freeze. In the morning, all I have to do is pick a bag out of the freezer, microwave, pour into a thermos and enjoy for lunch.

I’ve also found that FoodSavers work really well for packing for camping. Since the bags are vacuum sealed, it saves time and money by allowing you to go shopping only once, sealing the food and keeping it fresh for the entire time your gone.You can even keep things like fruits and vegetables fresh for the duration of the trip instead of constantly having to find a place to purchase new food. Having FoodSavers will also save you money on road trips as you can pre-pack your meals and keep them fresh to avoid having to spend tons of money on dining out for every meal. I even use them to save space in my cramped studio apartment. When I u seal my winter clothes for storage, they only take up a small portion of my closet, giving me plenty of space to buy new clothes!

After discovering FoodSavers, I can honestly say that it has made my life a whole lot easier. It won’t call 911, give CPR or pay your bills, but it will save you tons of money and you’ll be surprised about the amount of uses you come up with it. I was sceptical at first, but after finally listening to my mother’s advice and giving it a shot, I can see why she loves her machine.

-Anna Scanlon