Summer is ending. But with the end of summer comes the promise of great fun and great sales during the holiday season, and DealYard wants to make that experience a lot less stressful this year. For now, DealYard is hosting a sales event dedicated to the last remaining days of summer, and placing many seasonal items on sale for a widespread clearance event.

Rob Heller, the CEO of DealYard, shares his thoughts on what the end of summer means to him. “My family comes from all walks of life, but we all have one thing in common: We’re happy with where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going. We’re all excited for the future, and we’re perfectly content with the present. We don’t dwell of tougher times that have gone by.”

“For us, the end of summer represents something greater than ourselves. Labor Day, for example, is an event that everyone should take more time to acknowledge instead of simply enjoying time off from work. Labor Day represents the unifying achievements of our workforce, and our national economy–and the partnership between the employer and the employed has grown stronger because of these gains.”

Heller is spearheading an internal campaign to make life a little bit easier for his own employees. DealYard begins evaluating employees and offering better positions and raised income in the weeks leading up to Labor Day, and is hosting a series of events in communities all over the country that urge other employers to do the same. When Heller started DealYard in 2003, it was a small company built on years of experience, but Heller has since collaborated with retail behemoths such as eBay and Amazon while expanding internationally.

“I was able to do this because of the effort that my employees have given me, and I take it very seriously when they tell me that something is wrong or give me an idea. Their opinions are just as important. Labor Day is an opportunity to thank them, and thank the community.”

This Labor Day, summer deals will expire and a massive round of clearance deals will begin. Last minute barbeques are being prepared while DealYard is slashing prices for customers around the world. Customers should subscribe to daily email deals in order to take full advantage of the coming holiday event, and can hope to save a bundle.