Diversity is something that DealYard was founded upon. Founder Rob Heller went to great lengths to ensure that the company was filled with different opinions, beliefs, personalities, and ethnic backgrounds. DealYard has become an icon of social acceptance for all different backgrounds, but the company still recognizes that sometimes the seemingly smallest differences can sometimes have the most profound impact.

“There are quite a few left hander’s in my own family,” says Heller, “and you never realize what a difference it makes until you watch them do the same routine tasks as everyone else. Even something as simple as playing a video game can become awkward or difficult if it was designed for right handed individuals. Almost everything we manufacture as a civilization has indeed been manufactured that way. There used to be a large social stigma regarding those who are left handed. Of course, most of us accept that it’s ridiculous these days.”

Therefore, DealYard is holding sales on inventory specific to handedness. Customers and subscribers can expect a short survey in the coming months that will help the website tailor sales on a personal basis. Customers can expect to receive new promotions based on personal interests such as sports enjoyed, genres of movies preferred, or for a love of electronics. In addition, DealYard will be sponsoring its own celebration of Left Hander’s Day by promoting products that can be used by only those who are left handed.

Heller launched DealYard in 2003 with a basic set of principles and ideals. Treat everyone with respect, judge no one, and sell to everyone at the lowest possible price. Strive to defeat similar online retailers. DealYard has since expanded upon this basic premise by partnering with rivals like eBay and Amazon, and creating markets in countries like Canada, Germany, and Thailand.

Customers can expect a new wave of daily, weekly, and monthly deals delivered promptly to their inboxes over the coming weeks. Brands such as Rawlings, Life Gear, and Wolfgang will see additional price cuts as the summer months draw to a close.

For this Left Hander’s Day, think about everyone you know or love who is a little bit different. Share your feelings with these people, and help make them feel special. Without diversity, none of us would be where we are today!