October 16th, 2012

Life+Gear LifeLight Super Bright LED Lantern, Model #LL01Y

Life Gear LifeLight Super Bright LED Lantern 4 Power Options

More Details About the Life+Gear LED Lantern

Life+Gear offers products that are every-day products that also have a life saving potential. One of their top items is their flashlights, including the Life+Gear Lifelight Super Bright LED lantern. This lantern has 4 different power options, including a crank power, option AAA batteries, a car cigarette lighter adapter, and an AC adapter. Some functions on this lantern include an AM/FM radio, emergency flashers, night light, mp3 player through its speakers, and a compass. This is the perfect lantern to work on your car, go camping, for black outs, or any natural weather disasters. There are 15 super bright 20,000 MCD LED lights, 9 for lighting a large area & 6 emergency flashers. There is also a high-quality, long range AM/FM radio with external speakers and 130 decibel signaling siren for emergencies.