September 27th, 2012

Life+Gear Swivel Hand Crank Flashlight, Model #LGSB1070


LifeGear #LGSB1070 320 Degree Swivel Hand Crank WeatherProof Flashlight

More Details about the Life+Gear Swivel Hand Crank Flashlight

Life+Gear’s flashlight, model #LGSB1070, is a hand crank swivel super bright LED flashlight that provides a great source of power for everyday use or for emergencies. With life saving capabilities, Life Gear’s products aim to protect you while remaining practical. This flashlight has a hand crank for power source, which means you will never have to replace the internal batteries. Along with this, it can swivel 320 degrees, providing directional lighting in a variety of situations. The H2O Flashlight provides attractive and useful features that can be used daily while having components that can be potentially life saving during time of need. It is also weatherproof in most conditions, allowing you to use this device anywhere at anytime.