August 23rd, 2012

Life Gear LifeLight Super Bright LED Lantern

Lifegear Lifelight LED Lantern

More information about the Lifegear LifeLight LED Lantern

The Life Gear Lifelight LED Lantern, model number LL01Y, is a multifunction super bright LED Lantern. This lantern has 4 different options for power including:  AAA batteries (optional), a hand crank for Crank Power, a car cigarette lighter adapter, or a AC adapter. This lamp is great for survival mode and some of its functions include high quality long rage AM/FM radio, a Nokia cell phone charger, emergency flashers, a night light, an MP3 player through the speakers included, and a compass. This lantern is ideal for a black out, camping, or on an outdoor adventure. Additional features include 15 super bright 20,000 MCD LED lights, 9 for lighting a large area and 6 emergency flashers and 130 decibel signaling siren for emergencies. The dimensions of this product are approximately 11″ in height by 2 3/4″ width.