Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial kickoff of summer. Are you ready to enjoy some family time and relaxation? Here are some recommendations on outdoor gear to help you make the most of Memorial Day Weekend.

Memorial Day

  1. Tent. A tent will give you some shade during high-noon and a comfortable place to rest your head at night.
  2. Aerobed inflatable bed. Speaking of a place to rest your head at night, an Aerobed inflatable bed is the ultimate way to make camping comfortable. Gone are the days of sleeping on the ground with a rock wedged in your back.
  3. Backpack. Backpacks are offered n several sizes, and this is where you will have to pack in your water and a little food. You will have to have a hydration unit just in case you get lost in the woods. Another thing that you should put in there is a first aid kit.
  4. A cooler. You’re going to need a place to keep your food and drinks cool for a chill weekend in the mountains. Don’t forget to pack up your cooler for your Memorial Day weekend camping trip.
  5. Propane stove. After you catch your dinner from a day of fishing at the lake, cook up some fresh fish on a propane stove for a gourmet meal.
  6. Emergency kit. Don’t forget to pack some disinfectant, cotton swabs, bandages, Aspirin, bug spray, and allergy medicines. You never know when you might get a little boo-boo.
  7. Flashlight. Planning on some late night walks? Don’t forget a flashlight to guide you through the woods or to illuminate the way for your middle of the night potty break.
  8. Lantern. Need to light up the whole tent or campground? An LED lantern will help illuminate your surroundings once the sun disappears.
  9. Compass. Don’t get lost in the dense trees. A compass could prove to be very instrumental in finding your way back to your campsite if you get lost.
  10. Hiking shoes. If you’re doing some trekking outdoors, the proper footwear is a must. Get some hiking shoes that are comfortable, water resistant but breathable, and are skid-resistant.

These are just some of the gear that you will need during your hiking and camping trips over Memorial Day weekend. Now, where are your best-recommended camping spots to share with other readers?