Manufacturer: Momentus Golf
Model: Swing Trainer Iron – 40 Oz
Category: Training Aids

It should be noted the momentus weighs 2.5 lbs (40 oz) and is the length of a standard wedge (35-36 inches). I’ve been using this 7-iron for a year and a half and it certainly does what it’s advertised to do. The evenly dispersed weight lends itself well for training the golf muscles to swing on plane, but it is equally well-suited for warming up before a round.

I would recommend, however, to only swing the club about 2/3 the speed of your regular swing. I’ve found that swinging faster than that throws one off balance and makes it easier to pull a muscle if one is not used to swinging a weighted club. Overall it’s a good training aid.

What I Like About The Momentus Swing Trainer: This is a wedge with a steel rod for a shaft and a ‘training grip’ that weighs 40 ounces. It is very difficult if not impossible to swing this club off plane. If you ‘cast’ your swing you will be off balance. The shaft is short so you can swing this in your living room without punching a hole in your ceiling. And the weight really loosens you up … especially your back and shoulders if you swing slowly and hold the backswing as they recommend.

What I Do Not Like About The Momentus Swing Trainer: It works as advertised but it is not designed to hit balls with it. However, overall the Momentus Swing Trainer Iron – 40 Oz Quality is a high quality training aid all around.


The MOMENTUS is a revolutionary swing trainer that incorporates a patented technology, whereby the club shaft embodies most of the weight which is evenly distributed throughout the length of the shaft. The reason this is so beneficial in a practice club is because as a golfer swings the MOMENTUS, the evenly weighted shaft generates momentum. The momentum causes the club to swing along a balanced and proper swing plane. Through repetitions with the MOMENTUS, a golfer ingrains the feel for swinging the club on-plane. This leads to a drastic improvement in consistency and clubhead speed.

The momentum of the shaft swings the club, so a golfer’s muscles are stretched by swinging the trainer. Additional flexibility and strength are benefits also gained from swinging the MOMENTUS. It is an excellent club to use for warming up prior to playing a round of golf.

The momentum of the evenly weighted shaft swings the 7-iron lofted club along the correct swing plane as the added weight ingrains the proper feel. The elusive feel for swinging the club “in the slot” is easily maintained with regular use. Improved consistency, flexibility and clubhead speed can be expected.