Mother’s Day is almost upon us and DealYard is launching a new round of deep discounts on products that will be sure to keep Mom happy. DealYard invites
new and regular customers alike to help spread thanks and appreciation to one of the strongest influences in our lives.

The CEO of DealYard, Rob Heller, is taking a short vacation to show his own appreciation in person. “This is a yearly tradition for our family. On Mother’s
Day and Father’s Day, the family gathers and gives thanks to the people who raised and nurtured us. We share fun stories about our parents, but more fun is
hearing our parents talk about our grandparents. For the past three generations, we’ve kept journals to write these stories down for our kids and their
kids. It’s interesting having a record of my grandmother’s memories of her own mother, who I unfortunately never got the chance to meet.”

Heller founded DealYard in 2003 and the company was propelled to great success over the next decade. After pairing with other online retailers such as eBay
and Amazon in its earlier years, profits skyrocketed, and DealYard began to share that wealth with the communities it serves around the world. This has led
the company to search out new customer bases in countries as far away as Thailand and Germany, and even our own next door neighbor, Canada.

Heller appreciates all the help he has found over the years. “Without Mom, I would have never found the strength to follow through after some very
emotional early struggles. She always believed in me and helped me through thick and thin, and I’m happy to go see her and show my appreciation. Here at
DealYard, we’re all happy to lower prices on products that moms love, and help people find the right gift to serve the occasion perfectly.”

New advertisement cycles will be focused on Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Home Improvement, and Kitchen & Dining. DealYard urges its
customers to take advantage of these deals and give moms a day of rest. Sons, daughters, and husbands could let Mom put her feet up while taking care of
the meals, bringing her breakfast in bed, or helping her do a little remodeling around the home.

Mother’s Day only comes around once a year, but DealYard reminds us that appreciation of loved ones can be shown each and every day. You never know how
much time you have left with loved ones, and every second together should be cherished and spent enjoying life’s daily surprises. From DealYard, the
company wishes mothers the best this coming Mother’s Day!