National Nutrition Month is here again. A series of food drives and community seminars are being planned throughout the country in order to push the need for good nutrition in today’s fast-paced, electronic world. Health awareness is on the rise, and we’re becoming more aware as a society of the disastrous consequences to consuming too much sugar and too many processed foods. DealYard is once again planning to sponsor an initiative to drive healthier food to grocery stores and in schools.

Rob Heller admits that his family consumes as little packaged food as possible. “We try to cook often, and we rarely eat out. We track the foods we eat. Our kids know which foods are harmful and which aren’t. We have a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and avoid red meat and non-beneficial grains. DealYard supports healthier life choices, and so do I.”

When he launched DealYard in 2003, Heller envisioned an online marketplace that would become a driving force in online sales across the globe. Because of his expansion to Europe and parts of Asia as well as our Canadian neighbors to the north, that dream is closer than ever to reality. Heller has also partnered DealYard with other online companies such as eBay and Amazon to spread his popular name brand products are far as possible.

In order to receive information on the schedule of events to take place during National Nutrition Month, visitors to the website should sign up for DealYard’s email subscription service. In addition to great deals, customers will be sent some of Heller’s own kitchen creations–but only the most delectable and the most nutritious. During the month, all home and garden inventory will be on sale. Customers who have previously ordered from this department will have access to even deeper discounts and personalized coupons.

Popular brands like Delta, Mr. Coffee, Crockpot, FoodSaver, and Sunbeam will be available for the duration of the month. Daily, weekly, and monthly deals continue to apply.

National Nutrition Month is about eating healthy and making smart choices about personal health. DealYard supports a healthy home environment and is donating to food kitchens and homeless shelters throughout the country in order to make sure that nutrition continues to be celebrated throughout the company. Healthier habits are a state of mind!

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