Public awareness on a global scale regarding nutrition remains an enormous obstacle to public health and longevity. Misinformation is routinely spread to the consumer by large corporations.

The makers of the food pyramid have reiterated again and again the massive shock they faced when they handed in their original copy and it was returned in a completely different form. For example, the entire lower level of the food pyramid implies you should consume more grains than any other food. In reality, many of those grains were originally placed on the top level of the pyramid side-by-side with fats and red meat. Dairy wasn’t even a part of the original pyramid. It’s inclusion was the result of lobbyists.

Still, public awareness has spread over the years, however slowly. In 1973, a nutritional awareness campaign was first launched, and gained such a following in the following years that it was officially changed to National Nutrition Month in 1980. National Nutrition Month is dedicated to spreading facts from health professionals around the globe based on empirical data–not based on the whims of lobbyists vying for profit. The month was originally launched by the American Dietetic Association in order to educate as many people as possible.

The implications of this fight are enormous. By altering nutrition-based lifestyle choices and exercising more often, nearly all forms of cancer could be reduced substantially. Our society has unfortunately developed a taste for cheap, plentiful high fructose corn syrup, a major factor in certain forms of cancer, and considered as addictive as cocaine. Too much of this substance can greatly disrupt our digestion processes. Typically, people continue to eat even after their body should have notified them that they were no longer hungry. Sugar makes our bodies fall out of attunement. It’s better to procure natural sugars from fruit, as they have the added benefit of vitamins and minerals. People also consume far too much red meat, a fact that also goes unmentioned in the old food pyramid.

National Nutrition Month is typically used by retailers in order to launch an array of sales in home and kitchen departments, and is thus a good time to shop for appliances. It’s a great time to pick up blenders and juicers, not to mention vacuum food sealers that can help keep food fresh longer while keeping potentially hazardous bacteria out of your body. Make this National Nutrition Month one to remember by finding a few new healthy recipes.