New Years Eve has come and gone: the partying, the celebrating, the kiss at midnight. Holiday season is officially over. Now comes the beginning of the New Year, back to work and back to school. Many people though want to carry on the holiday spirit with them as the year starts. The attempt to do this by making a New Year’s resolution, a goal or pledge to make this new year better than the previous. What usually starts as a good idea ends in failure as over 88% of people fail their New Year’s resolutions.

Rob Heller, the CEO of DealYard, wants this statistic to change. “A lot of people start off the year really excited about sticking to their New Year’s resolutions, but people get side tracked by their lives and practically forget about the promise they made to themselves. Halfway through the year, they have already given up on their resolution.”

“This year, I really want DealYard to be the source where people can go to help them stay on track with their resolution.”

DealYard which has been in business since 2003, has really stepped up their inventory on self-improvement products in preparation on being the New Year’s resolution support website. Heller makes these products available with other online retailers such as eBay and Amazon so he can help everyone achieve their New Year’s resolution. And with a great team of employees and a very loyal customer base, Heller believes he can change the statistic of failed resolutions.

DealYard provides discounted prices on name brand items in all departments including big names like Delta, Crockpot, Nike, Timex, and Steinausen. To prep for those looking to improve their physical well being this year DealYard added new inventory such as fitness DVDs, and cookware. One new brand is Gardenia, Perfect for those looking to add a new hobby such as gardening as their New Year’s resolution.

If you find yourself struggling with your New Year’s resolution, whether it’s saving money, eating healthier, or spending time with your friends and family, then DealYard carries a variety of products that can help you keep your goal. As always, DealYard provides free shipping to certain locations as well has the best prices on the market. DealYard wishes you a Happy New Year and wishes you the best on your resolution(s).

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