Having an outdoor group activity with your family can be fun, fun, fun! Seriously, if everybody is into it, the outdoors is relaxing, encourages family bonding and contributes to a physically active lifestyle. In recognition of May being National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, here are some fun customer-submitted outdoor activities.

Bryce Canyon

Camping and Hiking

Connecting with nature helps you connect with family, too. Grab the lantern, propane stove, tent, and Aerobed inflatable mattress for a day with nature.

Outdoor family runs

Cardiovascular exercises like jogging will promote better blood and oxygen flow throughout your body. If you are an avid supporter of charities, you can double down and have fun and support a good cause by participating in a charity run.

Roller blading

Snap on a helmet and hit the sidewalk for some fast-paced rollerblading. Rollerblading is a great aerobic exercise. Health aside, it’s just plain fun to do with your family.


Here is one activity that will definitely help you and your family stay fit. Cycling keeps you physically active with little physical strain. Pick a scenic route and enjoy what nature has to offer on your bike trip.

Take a dip

As the weather begins to heat up, that swimming pool is looking more and more enticing. Swimming is the perfect balance of fun with the family and all around physical activity.
Whatever physical activities you enjoy participating in is not as important as just participating, period. This National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, embrace physical activity and have fun with family and friends, too.