Halloween fun centers around costumes of all varieties. Among the most popular are those depicting scary or ghoulish characters with matching face masks. Many of these costumes are in dark colors, if not entirely black. This adds to the creepy nature of the occasion, but it can also pose hazards. Since trick-or-treating usually starts when it gets dark, motorists may not be able to see children and adults roaming the neighborhood in shadowy colors. To make matters more complicated, trick-or-treaters may have limited or impaired vision due to Halloween face masks.


Trick-or-treaters must be alert and extra careful as they walk around, especially when crossing streets. Trick-or-treaters wearing dark costumes should carry some form of light, such as flashlights or glow sticks, when they walk in the dark.


Houses should be well lit in preparation for the children who will be coming for treats. Walkways should be illuminated and free of obstructions.

If homeowners feel that their lighting is inadequate in providing safety to the Halloween revelers, there is still time to fix the situation. Good lighting fixtures can be ordered from DealYard.com and should arrive before Halloween. To add brightness to a scary Halloween night, lighting fixtures, such as the following, can be installed in houses to welcome trick-or-treaters:

  1. Heathco HZ-5630-BZ Light Halogen Wall Pack Motion 100W– This is a 100 watt light with a two-level light setting and a heavy duty cast metal shell that has normal and dusk-to-dawn setting. The light becomes fully bright when the sensor detects motion. It has automatic photocell that deactivates the unit during the day for energy savings.
  2. Boston Harbor BRT-CDC1801 Fixture Post Lantern – This lantern encased in clear seeded glass uses a 60watt medium base bulb. The unit can be hanged in areas that need lighting.
  3. Boston Harbor RF01 Fixture Chandelier – This is a chandelier that uses five clear, candelabra-base bulbs that can brighten the living room or the foyer of a house. It is made of polished brass.
  4. Heathco HZ-8434- White Light LED Solar Motion – This light fixture is solar-powered. It can be placed in outside areas where there is no regular wire access. It is ideal for portions of the yard that are far from the main house.

Halloween can be scary, but it needn’t be unsafe with lights and lighting fixtures from DealYard.com.